Introduction to Yearn

Yearn Finance is a suite of decentralized finance (DeFi) products focused on creating a simple way to generate high risk-adjusted returns for depositors of various assets via best-in-class lending protocols, liquidity pools, and community-made yield farming strategies on Ethereum and TRON Network

Core Products


  • Community-developed yield farming robots

  • yVaults follow a unique strategy that are designed to maximize the yield of the deposited asset and minimize risk.


  • Yield-aware dynamic money markets that serve as building blocks for yVaults

  • Earn performs profit switching for lending providers, moving your funds between dydx, Aave, Compound autonomously.


  • A tool that enables users to swap between various stablecoins and a basket of interest-bearing stablecoins (yTokens) or pools (yCRV)

  • Save on gas fees by Zapping directly into or out of Curve pools from the base assets.


  • yInsure pooled insurance provides coverage against financial loss for various smart contracts and product offerings underwritten by Nexus Mutual.


The Yearn ecosystem is controlled by YFI token holders who submit and vote on proposals that govern the ecosystem. Proposals that meet quorum requirements (>20% of the tokens staked in the governance contract) and generate a majority support (>50% of the vote) are implemented by a 9 member multi-signature wallet. Changes must be signed by 6 out of the 9 wallet signers in order to be implemented. The members of the muliti-signature wallet were voted in by YFI holders and are subject to change from future governance votes. Please refer to our FAQ for the list of the multisig signers.