How To Baking HAM (Tronlink wallet on IOS, Android)

Step by step guide to help you baking Ham on Mobile, using Tronlink wallet.

For iOS phones, go to App Store and search for Tronlink app

refer to instructions:

IOS phones

For Android phones, go to CH Play and search for Tronlink Pro - the best Tron Wallet

refer to instructions:

Tronlink wallets need a small amount of TRX to pay fees for transactions. Check how many HAMs you have to choose suitable BAKING package.

Click Browser, then paste the Ref link you have, or go directly to:

Go to the BAKING function, and choose the right baking package. Then press Select. Select the Oven you want to BAKING.

BAKING interface

HAM earned: the number of $HAM you received when BAKING

HAM baked: Number of $HAM that you bring to BAKING (total BAKING packages)

Click Approve HAM to confirm the link of your tronlink wallet with HAM's smart contract. A browser window will pop up, asking you to confirm the link.

Click Continue to confirm.

Enter the password of the Tronlink app to confirm the transaction.Then click on Comfirm the Payment

Continue to press on Bake.

The system will ask you not to close the browser or reload, the setup can take 30 seconds to 90 seconds

You need to enter the HAM number that you want to take away BAKING. Then click on BAKING NOW

To complete BAKING, you need to wait from 30s to 60s. Please do not close the browser window or reload.

Congratulations on completing the BAKING process, to keep track of the BAKING packages, you can go back to the BAKING function for details