What’s an idea for HAM?

Since the start of the year, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one the primary markets in the crypto space. Starting as a multi million dollar industry, DeFi has now made a name for itself as it now boasts over 8 billion dollars worth of value locked in DeFi smart contracts.

$HAM Logo

While the exponential growth of DeFi continues its euphoric climb, the industry has revealed pitfalls in the shape of smart contract bugs and exploits, unethical practices, and out right scams. For DeFi to truly flourish, projects must start leading by example, that is exactly why Habu Finance was created.

Basically we start a trending project that is yield farming. We want to approach in this way to engage the foundational community for future growth. We offer a highly scalable, feature-rich token that can be combined with a number of projects underway. Our platform is a tech start-up company. We will launch some breakthrough products for DeFi on the TRON platform in the near future.