Habu Finance ($HAM): Stake Anytime, Unstake Anytime, Get Rewards Instantly!

Habu Finance is a DeFi Yield Farming platform that helps users make as much profit as possible from their crypto assets, through the provision of liquidity to DeFi (Decentralized Finance) protocols.

Habu is an experimental protocol mashing up some of the most exciting innovations in programmable money and governance. Built by a team of DeFi natives, it features:

  • An elastic supply to seek eventual price stability

  • A governable treasury to further support stability

  • Fully on-chain governance to enable decentralized control and evolution from Day 1

  • A fair distribution mechanism that incentivizes key community members to actively take the reins of governance

At its core, Habu is an elastic supply cryptocurrency, which expands and contracts supply in response to market conditions.

It will be left entirely to those who choose to farm $HAM to decide the future direction and evolution of the protocol and its harvest. We have no collective entity or interest other than an excitement to see how this experiment plays out. At this time, we have no intent to play a further role in the Habu protocol, aside from some of us expecting to harvest $HAM on a modest scale on equal footing with all other farmers.

We started the project with a total supply of 1,999,000 $HAM and burn 999,000 $HAM. The Seed round JustSwap.

You can follow up at:

  • Habu (HAM): TYVMRcSxXBfRda6aShMRRsc5ovRWHEeZS4

  • Habu LP Pool: Update soon

  • USDT Pool: Update soon

  • JustSwap: Update soon